International rescue for FBC


Falmouth Boat Company’s (FBC) new international boat care team recently completed a complex repair job to a 47 foot yacht in Greece.

The lack of infrastructure in the yacht’s location meant that the team had to drive all the necessary materials and equipment from Cornwall to the Greek port of Volos, which involved travelling through 11 countries over three days.

The FBC team working on ‘Wonderous Stories’ in a boatyard in Volos, Greece
The FBC team working on ‘Wonderous Stories’ in a boatyard in Volos, Greece

‘Wonderous Stories’, a Bavaria 47, had run aground and suffered a sizeable keel impact and significant internal damage as a result. In addition, the bulkheads were set adrift and the laminates were destroyed from the judder.

In less than a fortnight, FBC’s international team removed the keel, repaired the damage, set the keel with an epoxy filler system, de-rigged and re-rigged the mast, hauled, epoxy laminated, de-fouled, anti-fouled, finished and relaunched the yacht, setting her in commission for the owner’s arrival.

The yacht’s owner Colin Turton was impressed with the results: “‘Wonderous Stories’ has never looked better. The team communicated excellently both with me and with the staff of the Greek boatyard. A friend recommended FBC following the yacht repairs they undertook for him and I’m pleased that the insurance company endorsed my decision to choose them.”