M5 sail trials successful


The world’s largest sloop has been put through her paces off Falmouth following a refit at Pendennis Shipyard.

M5 Sail trials Pendennis Andrew Wright photography (6)_1.0

The sail trials  for the remodelled sailing yacht M5 (ex.Mirabella V) not only established her potential speed but tested the new system and balance of the yacht under sail for the first time. During several hours on the water with challenging sea conditions the remodelled yacht performed well, reaching 17.7 knots in 18-23 knots of wind.

During the refit at Pendennis Shipyard, extensive engineering works were completed, which included a new carbon rig, replacing the main engines, generators, switchboards and sewage treatment plant along with an upgrade of the air conditioning system, electrics and entertainment system, and a ten- year DNV survey.

M5, which is the world’s largest sloop, is currently undergoing her final fit-out and systems testing before her scheduled departure from Falmouth later this month.