Healthy Hub flourishing


The Pool Innovation Centre is supporting an innovative collective vegetable box scheme in an effort to encourage the 200 people working in the building to eat more healthily.

Richard Scutt and Louise Reynolds
Richard Scutt and Louise Reynolds

Rather than supplying to individual homes, ‘Healthy Boxes’ delivers to collection points across west Cornwall known as ‘Healthy Hubs’.

Pool Innovation Centre has been a ‘Healthy Hub’ since July last year and centre manager, Richard Scutt, said: “We have anything between 10 and 20 people buy a box per week – probably about 40 different people across the centre have had a box at some point or another.

“The good thing is that it’s a very flexible service – people can cancel their order if they are going on holiday and pick it up again at another time.”

Healthy Boxes is run by farmer’s daughter, Louise Reynolds. She explained: “We are passionate about bringing super fresh, good value vegetables to west Cornwall communities.

“Our season-less supermarkets mean we have lost touch with when fruit and vegetables taste their best.

“Setting up a ‘Healthy Hub’ is easy and can work for people in so many different types of settings. We think it helps foster a sense of community and can add real value to a business or organisation whilst spreading the message about eating healthily.”

If you are interested in starting up a ‘Healthy Hub’ in your business premises, or finding out where you can order a box from, click here.