Regen SW chief urges clarification


The chief executive of south west sustainable energy organisation, Regen SW, has expressed concern over this week’s flurry of energy announcements by the Government as potentially damaging to south west jobs.

Merlin Hyman
Merlin Hyman

Merlin Hyman, chief executive of the not-for-profit organisation, said: “This week’s messages from the Government are confusing and risk damaging our burgeoning sustainable energy industry. Reduced budgets for schemes such as solid-wall insulation will undoubtedly lead to job losses for local companies that have recently grown and taken on more staff.”

Merlin’s criticism follows yesterday’s announcements of changes in renewable energy support and the announcement earlier in the week that the requirement for energy companies to insulate social housing will be reduced.

“(Yesterday’s) statements about renewable energy are more positive and DECC should be congratulated for protecting the renewable energy budget following pressure from the Treasury. However, messages from the Government as a whole are unclear, and this could significantly damage investment in renewable energy.

“Keeping the lights on, reducing bills and tackling climate change are too important to be decided by short-term politics,” he added. “We need long-term, stable Government policy that enables businesses and communities to invest in the future.

“It’s particularly concerning that the government has made cuts to the Energy Company Obligation, and our member companies are already telling us that hundreds of recently-created jobs are at risk.”