The wind generation game


The first of a new generation of farm-scale wind turbines has been installed on a farm at Liskeard where it will generate the equivalent electricity used by almost 150 homes.

Farmer Matthew Rowe on his dairy farm at Liskeard
Farmer Matthew Rowe on his dairy farm at Liskeard

The first Endurance X29 to be installed on UK soil is now generating clean energy on Matthew Rowe’s Great Tredinnick dairy farm.

It will generate power for the dairy farm, up to 500,000 kWh per year, the equivalent of the power consumption of 150 homes.

The installation was carried out by farm turbine specialist Earthmill, one of the UK’s only specialist farm-scale wind turbine installers and suppliers.

“The X29 is relatively modest in size, requiring only a 30m mast which makes it a great option for farms with high power requirements,” said Steve Milner, managing director of Earthmill.

A report published last week by Renewable UK on the small and medium wind market shows that the industry doubled in size last year and the technology is injecting over £100 million into the rural economy.

“The report shows the vital role that farm wind is playing in supporting the cash strapped rural economy, with 86% of small-scale turbines installed in rural areas,” added Endurance UK managing director Dave Rankin.