Head of CCB turns apprentice


The head of Cornwall College Business (CCB) swapped her office wear for overalls earlier this week as part of the National Apprentice Week celebrations.

Head of CCB, Sally Foard, with garage owner Paul Evely
Head of CCB, Sally Foard, with garage owner Paul Evely

Along with CCB manager Steve Hancock, Sally Foard visited Paul Evely Car Repairs to find out what is like to be a motor vehicle apprentice for the morning.

She was shown how to perform a computer diagnostic test which is now used by the majority of mechanics to detect faults in cars. Hancock, with the help of an apprentice, learned how to change the constant-velocity boot that normally protects the constant-velocity joint.

Garage owner, Paul Evely, felt the morning was a worthwhile exercise. He said: “It was great showing Sally and Steve around the garage and letting them experience what it would be like to work here.

“I have found taking on apprentices to be very successful because the industry has changed and it’s no longer just a manual trade, mechanics do also need to be academic with a head for logistics, maths and IT.”

Foard added: “It was a real eye opener to see the apprentices in a real work situation today. I have enjoyed giving up my desk so that I could meet the employers and apprentices and get a taste of what it would be like to work in a different environment.”