Avoiding an apostrophe catastrophe


A Cornish copywriting company is offering free advice to people having trouble with their apostrophes.

A fine example of a well-placed apostrophe
A fine example of a well-placed apostrophe

Mark Nicholson Copywriting is concerned that the art of using apostrophes correctly is a dying one, and wants to do something about it.

Apostrophes recently made national news when Mid-Devon District Council controversially decided to ban them from street names.

“I think it’s very sad that so many people are no longer able to use apostrophes,” said Mark Nicholson. “They make a big difference to the meaning of a word or phrase, so we mustn’t lose them.”

He is inviting businesses or individuals with a troublesome apostrophe to visit his blog and give details in the comments box.

The blog also features a self-help guide explaining how apostrophe issues can be dealt with at home or at work.

In the case of a particularly embarrassing apostrophe problem, he can be emailed  for a private consultation!