Businesses back training


Even through a double dip recession and the threat of a third, businesses throughout the south west continue to invest in training, according to a new research report.

The Duchy’s largest training provider, Cornwall College Business (CCB), recently commissioned the study to understand the training and development needs of businesses throughout the south west.

PFA Research interviewed a sample of Devon and Cornwall-based businesses and discovered a 12% rise in companies prepared to invest in training over the next year.

“The research clearly shows that business leaders in the south west understand that by developing skills, their businesses can grow, change and adapt to new opportunities,” explained CCB’s Tamsyn Harris.

“Training can help managers lead more successfully, manage resources and processes efficiently and develop and motivate their staff more effectively.”

The research also highlighted the strength of CCB’s training and services. 91% said that CCB delivers professional training, 91% said it was responsive to their needs and 89% said that it provided flexible training, where and when they need it.