MoD extends A&P contract


The Ministry of Defence is extending its contract with the A&P Group to maintain its navy support ships, for another five years.

Peter Child, MD of A&P Falmouth (l) and Gerald Pitts, A&P’s Cluster director, on board RFA Lyme Bay in Falmouth

A&P Falmouth MD, Peter Child, said the contract extension through to June 2018 was confirmation that the Cluster Support Programme partnership with the MOD provided “excellent value for money”.

The cluster approach introduced in 2008 brings together grouped contracts of vessels for longer terms with benefits of improved maintenance of platforms, increased availability and value for money.

Child said: “Clustering has achieved a far more economical approach to ship repair and maintenance of the RFA Flotilla through advanced planning, our knowledge of the vessels, our highly skilled workforce and pride of ‘ownership’ of the ships.

“The cluster programme team has worked very hard on this contract in Falmouth and around the world supporting ships on deployment. Extension of this contract reaffirms that A&P can be trusted to meet the very complex needs of our clients and the longer term contract term helps to give A&P Group yards security in our future.”

Since 2009, major refits have been completed in Falmouth by A&P on the RFA Argus, RFA Mounts Bay, RFA Largs Bay and RFA Cardigan Bay.

A five-month programme of work to RFA Lyme Bay is underway. It includes a new exhaust and ballast water treatment plant installations; an overhaul of the main engines and propulsion systems, general maintenance and a full paint and anti-fouling programme.