Fighting rising fuel bills


Cornish households could see their fuel bills increase by £600 per year unless they invest in low carbon alternatives.

This warning comes out following a report released last week by the Government’s official advisers on climate change.

Debbie Webb, sales and marketing manager for Cornwall-based Solen Energy UK said: “This latest report emphasises just how important investing in renewable energy is.

Debbie Webb
Debbie Webb

“The country’s reliance on fossil fuels has been further demonstrated by the announcement to restart ‘fracking’ which is the potentially hazardous process of extracting gas from shale.

“Cornish businesses and householders should seriously consider investing now in renewable sources of energy such as solar power to protect themselves from fuel prices that look set to spiral out of control.”

Current average energy bills are £1k and analysts are worried that the predicted increases will plunge more and more people into fuel poverty.

The Committee on Climate Change chairman, Lord Deben, (former Government Energy Secretary John Gummer) said: “A strategy which invests in low-carbon technologies provides of portfolio of energy sources as insurance against the risk of high gas prices.

“It lessens the impact of household bills in the long term and enhances the competitiveness of UK industry.”

Webb added: “Individuals, businesses and community groups that take action now and invest in renewable sources of energy are protecting themselves against the volatility of the global energy market.

“Investing in renewable energy is not just about saving the planet, it’s also about protecting yourself financially for the future.”