Council green planning guide


Cornwall Council has published guidance documents on its website for anyone looking to submit a planning application for a renewable energy scheme.

Covering a range of technologies including wind, solar, hydro and heat pumps, the documents give design and preparation advice and explain the level of information normally required to support a planning application.

The guidance documents have been prepared in response to a surge in interest in all forms of renewable energy development throughout Cornwall.

Julian German, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for climate change, said: “Cornwall is currently heavily dependent on the importation of electricity and fossil fuels to meet its energy needs, importing approximately £1.4 billion of energy each year.

“This dependence on imported energy has a detrimental impact on our economy and environment and makes Cornwall particularly vulnerable to rising energy costs. Cornwall is blessed with a range of renewable resources from which electricity and heat can be generated and we are keen that residents and businesses in Cornwall consider the sustainable use of these resources to help meet their energy needs.”

The full range of planning guidance documents can be viewed here.