FHC invests in new patrol boat


Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) has welcomed a new patrol boat to its fleet this week, the culmination of a two-year project.

(L-R): Lloyd Pond, David Townsend and Duncan Paul on board the new patrol boat Killigrew in Falmouth harbour

The £100k investment, which was unveiled at international trade show Seawork 2012, will replace the ageing patrol boat Killigrew which will be disposed of and take over the name.

The new 7.9m catamaran will be used for safety and enforcement patrols in the harbour, as well as survey and research work. She will also guide ships docking within the harbour and provide back-up and assistance for emergency response.

Falmouth Harbour Master Captain Mark Sansom said: “We are delighted to welcome the new Killigrew into service. She is a fantastic asset for Falmouth and one of which we are very proud.

“Killigrew is a versatile workboat and much more economical and environmentally friendly than the old boat, so will be cleaner and quieter.”