Survey into training needs


The Duchy’s largest training provider Cornwall College Business (CCB) has commissioned research to understand the training and development needs of businesses throughout the south west.

PFA Research interviewed a sample of Devon and Cornwall based businesses and discovered that, while businesses want to make efficiency savings, they are still investing in training and developing their staff.

“The research clearly shows that business leaders in the south west understand that by developing skills, their businesses can grow, change and adapt to new opportunities,” said CCB’s Tamsyn Harris. “Training can help managers lead more successfully, manage resources and processes efficiently and develop and motivate their staff more effectively.”

The research showed that 85% of businesses across the south west have undertaken training in the last 12 months. These companies are generally expecting to do as much training in the next 12 months as in the last.

The survey discovered the most important factors to businesses when choosing a training provider are the experience (95%) and expertise (94%) of the trainer. 93% of businesses interviewed said that CCB is a professional provider and 91% said they were satisfied/very satisfied with the quality of the training.

As for the benefits of training, 88% of respondents said it has helped develop staff, helped individuals do their job better (80%), added new skills to the business (73%), increased staff morale and motivation (72%) and helped them become more efficient (68%).

The research also reveals that businesses are keen to invest in leadership and management and regulatory training and 50% of Cornish businesses said they were considering taking on an apprentice with CCB this year.

The Government is launching a national incentive to fund apprenticeships within small to medium size businesses. From the April 1, small businesses will be able to claim up to £1.5k for each apprentice they employ.

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