A&P wave power collaboration


A&P Group has entered into ‘collaborative partnership programmes’ with Ocean Power Technologies Ltd (OPT) and Offshore Wave Energy Ltd (OWEL) to work on the research and development of their respective wave device technology and engineering.

The three companies have received funding from the Government body Technology Strategy Board (TSB). A&P will work with the companies to develop and build wave energy devices for the future.

A&P’s engineering and fabrication skills at their yard in Falmouth will be used to help determine the most effective and cost efficient ways to produce the devices from prototypes through to the development and build process.

Drystan Jones, A&P Group’s business development manager of renewables, commented: “A&P Group is well positioned with its heritage in engineering to become involved in projects such as these. We were closely involved in the Wave Hub project off the north coast of Cornwall and we have committed to this initiative to further support and help progress the use of wave energy in the future.

“Collaborations like these will go a long way to help our business understand and gain further expertise in marine renewable energy. A&P Group, working with companies such as OPT and OWEL, will gain a great deal of knowledge and insight into the technology behind wave devices as well as contributing to driving down the cost of wave energy.”

A&P Falmouth also currently works with The Peninsula Research Institute for Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE), a joint venture between the Universities of Plymouth and Exeter, on a knowledge transfer partnership project.


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