Major renewables contract for A&P

A computer image showing a Seajacks vessel with blades

UP to 100 new jobs are on their way to Cornwall after A&P Falmouth won a multi-million pound contract this week.

The contract enhances A&P’s growing reputation in the marine renewable energy sector and will see it construct 100 tonne blade racks for two self-propelled jack-up vessels owned by Seajacks International. The state-of-the-art vessels are purpose built for installing and maintaining offshore wind turbines, and are being converted for use on a huge wind farm off Liverpool.

MD Peter Child said: “This is a very significant new contract for us and we are delighted to be working at the forefront of the marine renewables sector. We won the contract in stiff competition with many of the UK’s other major yards.

“It is fantastic news not only for A&P, but for the whole of Falmouth and the wider local economy. With the country in a period of economic uncertainty, to be able to create new jobs is something we are proud of and confirms our commitment to the town.

“Many of the jobs will be for highly skilled workers, such as engineers, electricians, steel workers, plumbers and painters.”

Both purpose-built vessels – the Seajacks Leviathan and Seajacks Kraken – will arrive in Falmouth over the coming months to have the blade racks installed.

The racks carry massive wind turbine blades to offshore wind farms. Once on site the four legs are lowered to the seabed and the vessel jacked up out of the water to provide a stable platform for installing the wind turbines.

Work has already begun on the planning and materials stage of the contract and it is hoped the blade racks will be built by the beginning of April. The Seajacks vessels are due in Falmouth during May. While they are in the docks, A&P will also undertake a full maintenance work package on the vessels.




  1. This is excellent news for A&P and Cornwall – it has long been said (I have certainly called for it within my involvement with the defunct Cornwall Sustainable Energy Partnership days) that we should be making the most of our maritime infrastructure capabilities to make inroads on the larger scale renewable energy hardware market. This is another positive step hot on the heels of the Wave Hub! Well done A&P.

    Now we need to look for a Cornish composites manufacturer to take on some of the design, development and construction of turbine blades.

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