Cornwall lighting solar way


Cornwall residents are leading the way in the south west when it comes to embracing the latest renewable energy technology.

According to Cornwall-based renewable energy provider Enact, more households in Cornwall are looking to tap into the power of the sun and install solar systems on their properties than in any other area of the region.

The company says Cornish households are twice as proactive as households in Devon when it comes to looking into the benefits of solar power, and more than five times as proactive as householders in Dorset and Somerset.

According to Enact, Cornwall is best positioned to reap the benefits of solar energy in the UK thanks to its southerly location. The growing awareness of the Government’s Feed-In-Tariff which provides homeowners that install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system with the ability to produce their own clean electricity, can generate hundreds of pounds every year, something which residents in the Duchy are quickly adopting.

Adrian Wright, CEO of Enact, commented: “The South West is very much split when it comes to interest in Solar PV, with Cornwall way ahead in terms of interest, with twice as many people in the county looking at solar compared with Devon, and over five times more than in Dorset and Somerset.

“Why Cornish householders are so far ahead is difficult to say, but clearly there has been a lot of discussion about solar energy in Cornwall recently, which seems to have raised both the profile of solar energy and made homeowners in the county sit up and take notice of the benefits that it can bring.”