Reducing Cornish carbon footprint


Homeowners in Cornwall could cut the county’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than 28,000 tonnes per year by installing solar on their homes, according to a leading solar company.

HomeSun has calculated that approximately 28,300 homes in Cornwall have roofs of the right size and orientation to make solar power viable, which could knock £2.6 million off the Duchy’s collective fuel bills each year.

HomeSun says Cornwall’s population of 468,425 generates up to 1.1 million tonnes of C02 each year from household emissions, with the average household generating around six tonnes of C02 per year.



  1. “buyer” beware, yes, you’ll get a reduction in fuel bills (and of course Cornish CO2) but this deal leaves the equipment owned by the installing company for 25 years, which is incidentally the same length of time the feed in tariff is currently set to run – a 5kw system produces around £2000 worth of profit per year, of course the installer has to make a few quid, but it’s hardly fair is it?

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