Growing green


Business Link event shows how companies can expand and prosper by embracing prosperity

More and more Cornish businesses – in every sector of industry – are now demonstrating just how much commercial performance and profitability can be improved by taking decisive steps to minimise waste and improve the management of their resources.

Sustainability is now very much a case of commercial common sense. Any progressive business is now recognising that investment in renewable energy and implementing the principles of green commerce can make a very real difference to the bottom-line.

Ambitious Cornish businesses have the benefit of being able to access the specialist expertise of environmental advisers as part of Business Link’s in-depth support service delivered as part of its Convergence programme. And this month, one of the most respected and inspirational figures in business sustainability will be speaking at a special Business Link event organised for eligible businesses within the county.

“Turning a blind eye or paying lip service to environmental issues is no longer an option for the Cornish business community”

The ‘Growing Green’ event in Fowey on October 13 will feature an inspirational presentation from Jessica Sansom, head of sustainability at Innocent Drinks, and will highlight how effective resource management can dramatically boost the bottom line and enhance future business development. In her own business she has shown how a strategic approach for adopting sustainable working practices has helped to maximise profitability for a £100 million market leader.

“Turning a blind eye or paying lip service to environmental issues is no longer an option for the Cornish business community,” says Business Link environmental adviser, Martin Woods.

“But, what better way to show just how much a business can benefit from truly grasping the environmental challenge than to inspire our local businesses with stunning examples of commercial growth and achievement. The achievements of Jessica and her colleagues are really eye-opening and we’re delighted that many Cornish business owners and managers will have the opportunity to meet with her and, hopefully, follow her example in the future development of their own business.”

But, as Woods is quick to point out, many Cornish firms are already harnessing the advantages of greater resource operational efficiencies.

“Taking environmental responsibilities seriously is now an implicit requirement for sustained business success – and this applies to every type of business. The work undertaken by businesses as diverse as Bodmin’s MPG Books in the manufacturing sector and Clayworks and Spiral Construction in the building industry, just goes to show what can be achieved by cutting out waste and improving operational efficiencies.

“And, the number of businesses in the county that are pushing the boundaries in technical and scientific excellence in environmental technologies continues to grow by the day – a specialist firm like Scientific Services in St Austell is a very good case in point.”

Business Link’s dedicated environmental service in Cornwall includes an in-depth assessment of a business which helps to identify, monitor and measure all those areas that are costing it an unnecessary amount of money.

“After the assessment, we create a tailored programme to solve the problems we uncover,” adds Woods. “We then guide them through the process and introduce expert suppliers who can help them put in place the solutions that will save them money, enable them to become more competitive and achieve their business goals more easily.”