Key solicitors joins forces


A group of Cornish solicitors who joined forces before the recession to reduce the time taken to sell or buy a house, have relaunched their network with a new brand and a new name.

The Key Network, formerly known as Fastmove Cornwall, launched last week at Kingsley Village. It allows member solicitors from across Cornwall to streamline the legal process of house selling, with claims that it can cut the time taken for a sale by as much as 60%.

Solicitors from the 20 founder member firms of the Key Network at the launch event at Kingsley Village at Fraddon

The network has launched at a time when national companies operating from call centres around the UK are targeting the legal work of people selling and buying homes in the West Country.

Solicitor and a founder member of the network, Alison Nicholls, said: “The UK property industry has had a difficult two years. However, with the launch of the Key Network, there is a group of solicitors from firms across Cornwall which has chosen to work closely together.

“This will ensure people buying or selling a house can get better service and that many of the problems historically associated with house purchases and sales, can be ironed out.

“As many as 28% of house sales simply don’t make it to the finishing line, but with this network the odds are much improved.”

There are currently 20 member solicitor’s firms. A full list of Key Network solicitors can be found on the Key Network website.