Sun shines on Cornish solar sector


Cornwall has been revealed as a hot spot for companies searching for sites suitable for the construction of solar farms.

Solar farm specialists Thirty Five Degrees are actively acquiring land across the county and have appointed Alder King Property Consultants to provide acquisition advice.


Tim Smart, head of agency – Cornwall at Alder King said: “We encourage anyone with land between five and 15 hectares to get in touch. The sites must be south facing and have no obstructions to the south, for example woodlands or building. They also need to be relatively close to electric connectivity.

“Thirty Five Degrees are prepared to purchase the land or lease it for a minimum of 25 years. They plan to use the land for the erection of solar panels, which will generate renewable energy. The panels are erected using shallow based footings, which mean there is no need to level the land or concrete it. This means they have a minimal impact on the environment.

“This is a great opportunity for those owning low quality agricultural or contaminated land to generate a good income from it.”

Thirty Five Degrees will be at the Royal Cornwall Show on 10, 11 & 12 June 2010. Green Energy Village Marquee – Stand 258.