KTP project a success

KTP graduate Harriet Knowles

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners (FHC) has proclaimed itself “delighted” with the success of itsKnowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project, and would highly recommend the scheme to other businesses in the area.

KTP is a graduate placement scheme, part funded by Plymouth University. Environmental Science graduate Harriet Knowles was employed as a Maritime Sustainable Development Officer through the KTP scheme, working on environmental projects on behalf of FHC. Now half way through the 30-month project, FHC’s Chairman, David Ellis, has announced that he is very pleased by its progress.

“We really are delighted by what the project has achieved so far, both in terms of research and stakeholder relations. By tackling key environmental issues head on, we are proactively instigating more efficient and environmentally aware methods of running our port.”

Knowles said: “The anchoring of ships in Falmouth Bay has for a long time been a concern for our stakeholders. FHC were keen to encourage an independent investigation into the effects of anchoring in order to assess the extent of the impact to the key habitats in the area and to develop methods of mitigating these effects. The project allows me to call on experts at Plymouth University and draw on their experience, which all adds to the value of being employed through the KTP project.”

Harriet hopes to have developed a framework for port sustainable development at FHC before completing the project next March.