Don’t fall foul of bizarre US laws


Did you know it is illegal for businesses to have their Christmas decorations up after January 14?

Well, it’s not here, but in the US State of Maine, businesses can be fined for such gross oversight. And in Alabama, a pack of cards attracts an extra 10 cent sales tax, while in California it is illegal for a secretary to be alone in a room with her boss.

British companies are often amazed by how laws, taxes and business costs vary hugely across states and cities, so choosing where to set up a US office, factory or warehouse is a real challenge.

And there is now help at hand, however, for any unsuspecting UK firms planning to expand across the Atlantic.

Global Location Link provides executives with a wealth of handy online information to help them decide where to set up shop in the – plus dedicated American advisers on the phone, and ‘Ask the Expert’ web pages.

Global Location Link is a service of foreign investment specialists 310 Ltd, based in Richmond, Virginia.