Crisp company film stars


The Cornish Crisp Company is to star in a film being made to promote the importance of business training.

Sales manager, Rachael Clayton, along with production operative Mark Gill, will be starring in the film being made by Skills for Business, part of Cornwall Councils’ Adult Education Service.

The film will feature four businesses who have all received training from Cornwall Council. As a new business in the county, The Cornish Crisp Company received courses organised by Skills for Business in food safety and hygiene, manual handling, a management NVQ and first aid.

Clayton said: “We were all new to food manufacturing and the amount of training that we needed felt quite daunting at first but Skills for Business helped us determine what training was right for us and helped out with funding the courses, which was really important to us in the first few months of starting up the business when the cash flow was very tight.”

The film will be available to view at by following the ‘Business Testimonials’ link.