Scheme to recognise apprentice employers


A scheme has been launched to recognise the firms in Cornwall that employ apprentices.

The apprenticeship employers’ ‘badge’ can be displayed by Cornwall businesses to highlight their commitment to apprenticeships and their logos will be displayed on the Apprenticeship website.

The scheme has been developed in response to consumer demand. Recent research, commissioned by the National Apprenticeship Service, showed that 67% of consumers in the south west would use a register enabling them to choose a business that hires apprentices and 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers apprenticeships to young people.

John Chudley, south west director of the National Apprenticeship Service, said: “I am pleased to announce the launch of the Apprenticeship badge for employers and businesses in Cornwall. Recent research shows a high majority of consumers prefer businesses that take on apprentices and many would support a register which displays this commitment.”

The badge, which can be used by all employers who take on apprentices, can be displayed on company websites or stationery to highlight their support for young people undertaking this valuable programme. Consumers will then be able to go onto the website to look at the list of those businesses in Cornwall that are using the badge to communicate their support for apprenticeships to their customers.