Editor’s blog: A brief respite


I almost choked on my toast this morning when I heard that Labour had won the Glasgow North East by-election.

It has been traditional in recent times for Labour to lose every public vote in sight, and the “resounding victory” will give some welcome respite for beleaguered PM Gordon Brown.

It is easy in opposition to point the finger and proportion blame for the economic mess, and heaven knows the Conservatives are more than happy to do that. But would anyone else have done much better?

And you have to feel a little sorry for Gordon Brown, whatever your political allegiances. It was particularly unsavoury of The Sun this week, in the manner they crucified him for misspelling the name of a mother of a soldier recently killed in Afghanistan. There should be no place for this kind of politically-motivated media lynching, especially riding on the grief of a mother who had just lost her son.

Meanwhile closer to home, this week the Lib Dems have been putting the boot into the RDA’s record of helping Cornish companies through the recession.

Earlier this year, the RDA announced a £10 million loan fund, half of which would be made available to companies in Cornwall. According to the Lib Dems, however, only three local companies to date have benefitted from this assistance.

What the future holds for the RDA, of course, is rather uncertain. The Tories are no great fans, and neither are the Lib Dems it would appear. But in the meantime, they have a job to do, and this week revealed that construction work is due to begin on the Wave Hub project off the Hayle coast.

It has been some time in the making, but it is immensely encouraging that work is at last set to begin. This project is seen to be of huge significance to the Cornish economy going forward.

Also, the project has a new general manager in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Any delays will no doubt be met with an eager b@#*’!@ing from some quarters.

And sort of on the subject, a get well soon message for BBC presenter David Dimbleby, who received a rather unpleasant bullocking this week, forcing him to miss Question Time.


  1. Nick, you’re right the blame game is so much easier than the solutions game but when something as catastrophic as the credit crunch happens on your watch, and as Chancellor you are meant to know what’s going on in the banking sector, then a siginifcant part of the blame must fall to the PM and the government. More importantly where do we go from here, Labours spend, spend, spend is not the solution. Careful deliberation over what the public sector should do and how we are going to deregulate business and encourage it to increase wealth generation are the priorities as far as I can see.

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