Time called on British pint?


Could the days of the great British pint be numbered, following proposals to introduce a new two-thirds of a pint measure in pubs and clubs?

A new imperial glass size, measuring two thirds of a pint, is set to be brought in under proposals to change prescribed quantities of alcohol.

The option of pouring a two-thirds measure follows calls from many members of the pub trade to allow them more flexibility in serving draught beer and cider, especially those with a higher alcohol content.

Science and Innovation Minister Lord Drayson insists, however, that the traditional pint is not under threat and said: “There is no question of replacing the British pint, but introducing the option of a new imperial measure is good news for consumers, providing them with more choice.

“And the majority of respondents to the consultation supported our view that the two-thirds of a pint measure will also offer greater flexibility for landlords, while not imposing any extra burden on them.”

The consultation sought the views of consumer bodies, retailers, licensed premises and other interested parties. The proposals will require changes to legislation, which the Government will bring forward at the first available opportunity.



  1. It has been really interesting to see the mixed reactions to the new 2/3 pint. I work for an initiative called BitterSweet Partnership, which has been set up by MolsonCoors Brewers to address some of the myths and stereotypes surrounding beer, and we are quite excited about this announcement as we think it will be significant news for women. Through our research we have found that the beer serve itself is often key to women’s perceptions of it. In fact it is so significant that a quarter of women in the UK would consider beer if the glassware was changed. But it’s not just the size of pints that puts women off, it’s the whole design. As well as new measures we’d like to see manufacturers starting to take cue from the Continent, where different shaped glasses are used to serve beer – interestingly, while many women don’t like to drink beer in the UK, a fifth do opt for beer on holiday. We are very interested to see if this new 2/3 pint will open the door for this kind of change, and hopefully we will see more women enjoying beer. You can check out our website here: http://www.bittersweetpartnership.com. We’d be interested to know what you think!

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