Redruth takes green lighting lead

The Coffee Tavern, Redruth
The Coffee Tavern, Redruth

The first phase of an ongoing programme of lighting buildings of historic architectural importance has just been completed in Redruth using energy efficient LED units.

The last of ten projects designed and installed by Crofthandy-based lighting company Softsun Lighting have been handed over to the Redruth Economic Arts Partnership (REAP).

It is one of the biggest lighting projects using green LED technology to take place in the south west. Redruth had the first house to be lit with gas lights (1792) and now it is the first to be lit with LED.

The project is improving the look of the town with the added advantage of costing little to run and being maintenance free.

Each lighting system costs around 10p a week in electricity, illuminates the buildings efficiently and produces minimum light pollution.

A number of local businesses supplying services have benefited as new skills have been learned during the installation process.