Over the hill at 50?


Over 50? Feel like you’re over the hill? Well, according to a YouGov survey, you may well be right.

The survey, commissioned by Standard Life, discovered from those polled who were aged over 55, that on average fulfilment in the workplace peaked at 50.

And it gets worse. The research also deduced that the venerable age of 36 is the average age at which people in the south west feel totally confident and comfortable about their skills at work.

According to the findings, the trend for olderpreneurs is set to increase with 10% of adults in the south west wanting to start a business in retirement. This rises to 11% of those currently aged 18-25, suggesting an upward trend.  

The research also sought to understand ambition amongst different generations and found that the mean age for feeling most ambitious is 31-years old in the south west.  Although those respondents aged 18-25 estimated that they would feel most ambitious at 26, those over 55 were, on average, most ambitious at 35 on a UK wide basis. 

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