Apprentices making a difference


Apprentices in carpentry, joinery and masonry trades are helping local businesses develop their skills base and making them more competitive in difficult trading conditions.

Over 30 apprentices recently received their completion certificates at Cornwall College, in recognition of their hard work and the skills they have developed, by combining training at College with working on site for their employer. 

One of the apprentices receiving their certificate for Wood Occupations Level 2 was Chris Williams, a carpenter employed by C and P Osborne. Williams explained: “My employers are well established locally, with an excellent reputation, but neither of them are carpenters. By completing the apprenticeship I am bringing carpentry to the business, adding new skills. I have improved my hand skills ten-fold, and I can now find ways to do things quicker thanks to my time at College.”

The majority of apprentices who completed their level 2 qualifications have progressed onto level 3, further enhancing their skills and the benefit they bring to their employers. A recent OFSTED report highlighted that the training apprentices receive from Cornwall College is of high quality, with success rates 11.5% above the national average. 

Dave Linnell OBE, Principal of Cornwall College commented: “As the largest provider of apprenticeships in the South West, with a dedicated team of liaison officers to support employers and apprentices, Cornwall College Business is unique in its ability to provide high quality work based training that benefits an employer and employee”.

Cornwall College is currently open to applications for carpentry and masonry courses starting in September and is happy to hear from either learners or employers interested in these trades.

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