Companies Urged to Backup Data


A Cornish offsite data backup company has warned businesses of the dangers they face by not properly securing their computer files.

In recent months there has been a whole catalogue of high-profile incidents, including 600,000 people’s details lost on a stolen Royal Navy laptop, and most recently, details of thousands of criminals held on a computer memory stick which went missing after being left in an unlocked draw.

In the case of the latter, the memory stick had not even been encrypted or managed properly and as a result, last month the company concerned had its contract cancelled by the Home Office, worth £1.5 million.

Rojer Isaacson, MD of Forward ITC, commented: “With only 40% of data losses being reported to customers, the problem is far more common than it appears.  The delete key and a pen drive are probably the most dangerous items associated with computers, leaving users open to expensive loss and unlawful disclosure.  Imagine someone having access to your sales database… Who is in control of your business now?”

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