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Oatey, the film production company specialising in the agricultural sector, is excited to unveil its latest collaboration with the respected Netherlands-based brand, Intracare. This project showcases Intracare’s innovative products through the eyes of renowned hoof trimmer, Ant Thomas, who cares for thousands of cows across Cornwall.

Oatey produced two captivating films, the first is a visually stunning brand film that celebrates Ant Thomas’s exceptional craftsmanship and the meticulous care he provides. The second is an insightful testimonial, where Ant shares his long-standing trust in Intracare products.

Sam Oatey, founder of Oatey, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “Working with Intracare and Ant Thomas has been an incredible journey. We wanted to create films that not only showcase the superior quality of Intracare‚Äôs products but also the passion and dedication that Ant brings to his work every day.”

This collaboration demonstrates Oatey’s commitment to producing high-quality, impactful content that resonates with audiences.