Where innovation meets prime location, look no further than Venton Conference Centre. Based in the heart of Cornwall, between the hubs of Newquay and Truro, this dynamic space has everything you need for your next memorable business event.

With four flexible meeting and conference spaces, catering for anything from 10 to 120 people, this state-of-the-art venue is modern and welcoming, with cutting-edge facilities that inspire motivation.

But where this space really shines is via its innovative conference technology offer. From the Cynap Pure, which is revolutionising the presentation environment, to the Samsung Flip 2, which simplifies teamwork through digital display without the hassle, enjoy a wealth of features to enhance your event. Or why not take advantage of the latest tech addition – our new Logitech Rally Bar system? Utilising AI for next-level video conferencing, remotely connecting with your team has never been so easy.

Whether you’re looking to train new recruits, or inspire the next generation of industry leaders, our packages combine quality and accessibility with the latest technology for world-class events that won’t be easy to forget.