Charity wine tasting to celebrate partnership

A wine tasting event like no other is set to take place in Truro this month as a local charity and business team up for a good cause.

Old Chapel Cellars in Truro have chosen iSightCornwall as their charity of the year for 2023 after the business sought out local charities who help people in Cornwall.

Owners, Jamie and Louisa, came across iSightCornwall who are one of Cornwall’s oldest charities and who support people living with sight loss in Cornwall. This got the team at Old Chapel Cellars thinking and allowed them to come up with a unique fundraising idea.

Louisa explained: “In our business we rely on our senses to tell us about the different wines, but what would happen if one of those senses were taken away? This was something that really resonated with us and is why we chose iSightCornwall to be our charity of the year.”

To help spread awareness about how life can change when you have sight loss and to encourage people to explore how this can also change your perceptions, the Old Chapel Cellars team decided to host a blind wine tasting event.

Louisa said: “Most people are confident they would be able to taste the difference between a white wine and a red wine but could you do it blindfolded? Losing one sense can have a huge impact on how you experience life, and we are inviting people to come and join us on a journey of perceptions, wine and musical entertainment – all for a good cause!”

Set to take place from 5.30pm until 7.30pm on Friday, April 27 inside the grandeur of the Royal Cornwall Museum, guests will be treated to a range of different wines as well as musical entertainment from the Champagne Cornwall Chorus.

No wine knowledge is required, and all profits will go to iSightCornwall who will use every penny to help people with sight loss in Cornwall.

For more information or to get tickets visit: