Scaling a business in times of economic uncertainty can be daunting – unpredictability, pressure and stress mounts.

You’re being pulled in 101 different directions with a LinkedIn inbox full of so-called digital marketing ‘gurus’ trying to sell you silver bullet solutions.

Asking yourself questions: should we run an Instagram campaign? Does our website need a chatbot?

What about TikTok… everybody’s talking about TikTok, right? Maybe we need to invest £10k on Google Ads?

Over the years, we’ve found that a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers fall victim to such cases of ‘shiny object syndrome’, mixed with a mild case of “I can do everything”.

Soon, they’re tearing their hair out with tasks they “have to do”, and they end up doing just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

The fastest route to burn out, and mediocrity.

We rate this approach 1 star. No good. Would not recommend.

But this isn’t about us, it’s about you, your business and your brand.

You clicked this article because in some way shape or form, your business isn’t quite where you want it to be, even though you’re working your socks off.

Or maybe your business is already scaling rapidly and you’re simply hungry for more.

More sales. More revenue. More website traffic. More time.

We are Target and we’re here to help you with that.

We are a performance marketing agency that uses scientific customer acquisition, strategic frameworks and creativity to help brands, like yours, to scale more profitably, more predictably and in style using Paid Search, Paid Social & SEO.

What makes Target different from the sea of other agencies knocking at your door?

Well, it’s not that we’re award-winning. It’s not that we’re Google Partners. Nor is it that we have an office by the sea.

(Yes, we have all of those things, but they’re not unique.)

What really separates us from the herd is our commercial acumen and our creativity.

Target combines your business intelligence with our industry-leading talent, tech and strategic frameworks to create a ruthlessly effective environment for profitably scaling brands online.

First, we apply unit economics to digital marketing by analysing your website and performance channels to calculate metrics such as LTV, CAC and churn rate.

Before launching your campaigns, we run detailed a/b tests to truly understand where and how we can generate the greatest commercial uplift for your business.

Our performance marketing campaigns are further enriched by Target’s team of brave creatives.

By writing bold copy and applying a splash of thoughtful design at each stage of the marketing funnel, we help your brand to scale profitably and look great while doing it.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Below is a screenshot of an eCommerce brand that we helped generate £778,000 in revenue in just 4 weeks from £94.5k Google Ads spend – a return on investment of X8.2.

Target graph

The graph below shows the incremental increases in traffic and search visibility for a website that we have been supporting with SEO over the last 12 months.

Target case study

This business is now enjoying the fruits of these SEO efforts to the tune of a 200% increase in organic traffic and leads.

If you’re looking to switch to a more accountable SEO, PPC or Paid Social partner, then Target would love to hear from you.

Please request a complimentary SEO or Paid Media Audit through our website contact form.
Alternatively, you can find out more by booking a Discovery Call with Target’s Head of Growth, Josh, via this link.