Hettie litter picker

Environmental week profile (advertorial)

Every year, around 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets, ropes and lines are lost or discarded in the sea, making it the most abundant form of macro plastic in our ocean. These high-quality plastic fishing components then continue catching wildlife for over 500 years as they drift across the sea, known as ‘ghost fishing’, before eventually washing up on our shores.

We believe the tools we use for tackling plastic pollution shouldn’t be adding to the problem we are fighting. It’s a fairly logical principle, isn’t it? At Waterhaul, we transform ghost fishing gear into beach cleaning equipment and sunglasses; transforming plastic from our coastline into purposeful products that inspire action.

This is why Waterhaul litter pickers utilise 100% recycled polypropylene from fishing gear to create the jaws, handles and triggers, which are then paired with recycled aluminium shafts and 100% recycled PET string.

By creating equipment to inspire and enable action against plastic pollution, we can multiply the overall positive impact: we collect waste fishing gear to produce the product itself, but with your help, it can go on to remove much more plastic from the environment.

If you’ve ever taken part in a beach clean or litter pick, you’ll know that doing good feels good. There’s even academic research showing links between beach cleaning and benefits to mental health and wellbeing. However, we know that sometimes people need a little extra push to get started, and we’re hoping our litter pickers might be just the push you need to get out and make a difference – whether with your team, customers or as a positive individual action



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