Renewable energy: what you need to know

Climate change is not a problem for the future, it’s already here. At the same time, energy costs are now the top source of pain and anxiety for many UK businesses.

By providing abundant, cheap, clean energy, renewables are central to dealing with both of these crises.

Wadebridge-based CleanEarth Energy are experts in getting businesses up and running with their own solar generation. Here are the essentials they believe every business should understand.

Cut electricity costs by up to 80%

In the spring of 2022 UK businesses were paying an average of 18 pence per kilowatt hour. A well-designed solar PV system in the right location can generate electricity for less than 5p per kWh, and 3p is increasingly achievable.

With almost all that cost being up-front capex, the unit price is effectively fixed for the 25-year lifetime of the system and the payback period can be as low as 2½ years.

Solar practicalities

If your business has a roof over its head and energy costs on its management agenda, then solar PV is worth a look.

Important variables in power generation include the roof profile and orientation. Modern flat or shallow-pitched roofs are ideal, but older and odd-shaped roofs can still be made to work.

The system’s design also needs to deliver the optimum generation to meet the demands of the business. With little incentive to export excess power to the grid, sizing to maximise on-site consumption is key.

The logistics are usually simpler if the business owns their own premises, but landlords are increasingly open to renewables and reasonable terms can usually be negotiated on anything but the shortest of leases.

CleanEarth have recently completed solar PV installations for:


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