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Businesses taking part in the Food and Drink Cornwall project will benefit from using  GROWTHmapper®, a market leading business diagnostic tool that identifies areas of a business that, if focused on, will deliver performance improvement to accelerate sustainable future growth.

Since its inception, the tool has helped over 30,000 businesses across the UK, giving management teams, entrepreneurs and others a broad reaching overview of their business by facilitating productive discussions that focus on innovative and actionable plans to move forward.

What is it though?

It’s an online tool, consisting of a searching questionnaire based upon psychometric methodologies, which is completed by management teams within a business. Respondents take just 10-15 minutes to work through questions, which, in the case of Food and Drink Cornwall are focused on six key areas of business and business operations:

  • Sustainability
  • Supply chain
  • Production
  • Regulatory
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Market Making

Why is that important?

The subsequent analysis provides valuable insights into the SME’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas requiring improvement. A series of graphical outputs are generated to provide a visual representation of the alignment of the management team and their own perspectives on where the business is strong, and where improvements are needed. These are benchmarked against industry norms and best practice according to the characteristics of high performing businesses within their sector.

Businesses using the tool as part of the Food and Drink Cornwall project will then build a bespoke innovation plan with one of our experienced business consultants, which will include access to insights and advice from a team of industry leading specialist consultants.

Supporting this is a ground-breaking online video learning platform where users can watch masterclasses delivered by some of the leading experts in these fields, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the team at River Cottage.

These online masterclasses will arm the business with knowledge, check for understanding through a series of assignments, and introduce them to a peer network through their virtual classrooms. The outcome will be a greater understanding of those elements of their business that will equip them to push performance and grow effectively.

Measuring success?

The innovation plan will contain actionable and measurable outputs, things that businesses can do which deliver impacts as a result. That’s the bonus of using GROWTHmapper®, distilling the simplicity behind complexity to help businesses understand what it is that will drive their growth.

GROWTHmapper® also generates powerful data that will be used to help policymakers make informed decisions about how the Food and Drink sector can be best supported in the future.