Wellbeing Innovation Grants



Wellbeing Innovation Grants are open now to help your business sustain your most precious resource – your staff.

The Inclusivity Project has grants available to help you develop new digital tools that support innovation in workplace wellbeing.

Helping you to support your most precious resource in your business – your staff.

The grants of £1000-2000 are aimed at helping enterprises with Research & Development – in other words, helping you develop new services and grow your business – by supporting you both financially and with knowhow to create digital products that promote mental health, for example. Or developing new features to create more wellbeing at work.

For information, deadlines, and to apply see https://theinclusivityproject.co.uk/wellbeing-innovation-grant/.

Why? Because we need to create sustainability in terms of human, as well as planetary resources

If we want rural businesses to prosper, we need to think about the incredible resources we have on our doorstep already – and human talent is one of them.

When The Inclusivity Project started in 2019, the government was already thinking through issues of work, age, sick pay, and small business support. They created a plan, and that roadmap will get fine-tuned as we rebuild ourselves after the shocks of these last couple of years.

As it gets refined, policymakers and national leaders will be so glad to hear the voices of the small businesses as well as the big ones. Of the rural areas as well as the cities. Of the places like Cornwall where the demographic is ageing first.

That’s why we have University of Exeter researchers working on this topic, alongside our innovation support for businesses. Bias, resilience, policy… we’re studying these themes in depth right now.

So if you’d like to hear what small businesses have to say about work and wellbeing, ask us, we’d love to share what we’re learning with you.

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