At The Inclusivity Project, we pay businesses just like yours to think about staff wellbeing.

Since 2019, and right through the pandemic, we have been supporting companies to put their wellbeing services online, and make them inclusive.

We’ve lent businesses our experts in health, business, ageing and disability, to help evaluate, evidence, and user-test.

And we’ve given grants, and paid-for R&D time, towards digital solutions to health in the workplace.

“It was brilliant timing, and brilliantly done. It was really well managed” – Celine Elliott, Cornwall Museums Partnership.

What’s a ‘digital solution’? Put simply, anything that’s online or on a mobile phone. A web site. An app. An infographic.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science for us to support it. It just has to help employers look after the health of their staff. Help them embrace everyone’s needs and talents. After all, that’s what ‘inclusivity’ really means.

Last year, we helped The Fox Project make podcasts about mental health in the workplace.

We gave Ocean 3D a grant for a high-tech camera, so their virtual tours can allow people with disabilities or anxieties to check out spaces in advance.

We helped Lifestyle Chiropractic design an online product, survey the market, and design a sales funnel.

We helped Cornwall Museums Partnership rethink inclusion from top to bottom – from board members, through to their recruitment processes, and their customers.

And that’s not all – while more are completing this Spring, we have around another 15 projects underway, and capacity for more if you’d like to work on an idea of your own.

“The difference was really between having an idea that sits in a folder, and doesn’t go anywhere, and having a product that’s one stage off being ready to roll out.” Richard Doig, Infinite Choice Media, who created a staff survey tool for the 50+ workforce.

Adapting around everyone’s health and lifestyle demands is especially important for Cornwall, and now more than ever. We have an ageing population, so many working people are over 50 years old.

Plus, Covid has already forced us to think about how to accommodate the people we work with, who have different health vulnerabilities, abilities, responsibilities, and more.

So although Coronavirus has been, and still is, hugely challenging for businesses, it’s also a great opportunity to remodel our working lives for the better.

If you care about staff engagement, wellbeing, and the productivity it brings, you’re going to love our Idea Generation Grants.

We have three themes, so pick the one that’ll help your business prosper.

Make a bid for our Accessibility Innovation Grant, especially if your idea is around digital inclusion. Doing a digital accessibility audit perhaps? Or developing new features to make your product or service more accessible.

Ask about our HR Innovation Grant! It’d be perfect if you have an idea for using digital to increase staff engagement, tackle bias or streamline your processes. Or to help you use the latest digital tools to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Or take a look at our Wellbeing Innovation grant, if you want to use digital to help your team look after their mental and physical health, or develop new products and services to promote wellbeing at work.

If you have an idea for how digital technologies can support healthier, happier workplaces that make the most of everyone’s talents, we would love to hear from you.

Find out more by visiting https://theinclusivityproject.co.uk/grants/ The initial expression of interest takes just 5minutes, and the deadline for this round is the end of April 2021.

The Inclusivity Project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.