Flexible working future: how to protect your business against uncertainty

In April of this year, almost 50% of the UK workforce were working remotely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics by the ONS show that many businesses have now adopted remote and flexible working long-term, particularly as we face extended social distancing measures.

As a company that provides IT support and future-proofing services to hundreds of companies nationally, Piran Technologies were well-prepared for uncertainty when the lockdown came into effect in March.

Piran director Alex Pugh tells us: ’Our Disaster Recovery plan came into effect on 23rd March as we entered lockdown, and it’s still in place. It’s enabled us to weather the challenges of the last six months with minimal disruption to our customers.’ With cloud-based software in place allowing their team to work from anywhere, Piran’s staff have managed to keep working almost exactly as they would in the office, using their office numbers to make and take calls and collaborating on projects using the cloud.

Piran offer a range of services to help businesses plan for the future and get the most out of their IT. Cloud-based phone systems like 3CX allow teams to use their office numbers from anywhere with an internet connection. Collaborative tools like Microsoft Sharepoint and Google Apps allow remote-working teams to work together on projects, wherever they’re based. Another cloud-based solution, Microsoft Azure, offers an alternative to on-premise servers, saving costs and reducing the risk of downtime. Piran also work closely with their customers to put together tailored Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans just like their own, so that clients’ data and systems are protected against the unexpected.

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