WebMate is offering Cornish businesses the chance to try out their fastest web hosting service ever, free for three months.

The award-winning ISP has developed its own unique hardware caching system that promises the fastest web hosting on the planet! It does this by using extremely high-powered cache servers which use advanced algorithms to create multiple optimised versions of each page of the website and store them in fast RAM so they can be served to visitors as quickly and efficiently as possible. WebMate employs three of these Qfast Turbo Cache servers, each with 48 cores and 192GB RAM – making your shiny new iMac with 8GB of RAM and 6 cores look rather sluggish.

“Creating faster and more reliable web hosting solutions has been our passion for over 20 years. Our Qfast Turbo Cache web hosting will speed up websites by over 200%. Crucially this allows for Google PageSpeed scores of over 90% – improving search engine ranking, visitors and customer experience . It can make a huge difference to whether a website is successful or not and give our fellow Cornish businessess an edge.” Gary Hall, WebMate CEO.

Alongside the Qfast Turbo Cache, the web servers themselves are load-balanced and utilise SQL clusters, NVMe and SSD storage to ensure pages are built as quickly as possible – particularly for WordPress-based websites.

Unlike most hosting services on the market which tend to use one server doing everything, WebMate’s system comprises of over 16 of the latest and highest specification servers working together.

Business Cornwall readers can use the promo code BUSCORNWALL call them on 01208 220015 for details or visit <>. The service includes free, zero-downtime migration and is just £99 per year after the three month trial with no obligations. WebMate has won several national and international awards over the years for its web hosting innovations, customer service and support.