HookedOnMedia asks: ‘Are Your Digital Marketing Channels Ready For The New World?’

The global changes that we’ve all felt since March this year have set the world on a new course. Old practices have changed, office working to home working,  face to face meetings to efficient digital video calls, shifts in retail spends further away from the dwindling high street to online retailers… the list goes on. Not all of these new ‘normals’ will stay – but many will remain and in fact speed up the inevitable dynamic shift to the new digital world.

Ensuring your business is marketed efficiently online is now more important than ever. We consider the following digital channels to be key for driving real-life new business in volume.

  • SEO, your Google visibility. No matter where you rank in Google for your target keywords, work can be done to improve positions. SEO is a long-term marketing method, building up the authority of your website within Google’s ranking index over time, at the same time ensuring all on-site ranking factors are correct, from the content itself to page load speeds. Getting this right means a steady flow of high intent traffic, brands that have put effort into their SEO over the years are currently reaping the rewards in many sectors.
  • Google Ads. Like SEO, having a presence at the very top of Google ensures high intent website traffic. The difference with paid ads is the traffic is instant, no need to build up authority over time, ads can go live the same day… However care needs to be taken to avoid unnecessary spend waste, a main part of this is setting up accurate tracking at all contact or purchase points.
  • Social Ads. Often less immediate buyer intent on social media than a search engine, however audiences can be laser targeted based on their interests, browsing habits and demographics. Do you have an existing customer list? it is possible to create a lookalike audience of this list and reach new like-minded customers via geographically targeted ads. This is just one example of the power of social advertising.

Our recommendation is to look after these three areas of marketing exposure. It’s still important to make connections, gain referrals, send newsletters etc, but in terms of return on advertising spend in this new world – these are the channels to get right. If you need any help or advice please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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