How to Choose the Best Digital Channel for Your Marketing Efforts?

In the Internet age it’s all about building organic traffic if you want to put your product on the digital map. But this is easier said than done and there is no quick fix to achieve it, despite what numerous sites are promising. Building organic traffic takes time and remains the greatest investment you can make as it will pay off in increased brand visibility and conversation rates. And digital marketing is an integral part of that. But in order to grow your business, you need to know how to choose the best digital marketing channel for your advertising campaign.

As a business owner, you might find it daunting to navigate the different digital marketing channels. Sometimes, it is not immediately clear whether they will work for your business or not. However, one thing is certain – in an increasingly globalised world your businesses need to reach audiences, quickly and effectively.

The advent and growth of digital channels has led to the implementation of various advertising platforms and campaign models. With the changing customer requirements and market demands, a new multi-platform mix of communications, entertainment, and advertising has turned out to be a necessity to stay afloat in a highly competitive market.

There are advantages to using each available advertising channel. But to maximise your customer reach and on-boarding, it is best to run advertising campaigns across multiple digital marketing channels. To do effectively, there are several components you need to consider as part of your strategy.

Determining Your Digital Advertising Budget and Audience

Determining your audience has a direct impact on your digital advertising budget. Once you identify the consumers you want to target and create a buyer profile (defining their age, location, profession, and interests, etc.), it will be easier to prioritise budgets. For example, a business whose target audience is Millennials and Gen Z-ers can narrow down their advertising campaign to the use of these two groups’ preferred social media channels – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Naturally, the channels you use need to offer a good return on every penny spent. So it’s imperative to plan your campaign in line with your budget limitations to hit your goals most efficiently.

How do you decide on the best digital marketing channel?

Finding the right digital marketing channel for your brand or business depends on multiple factors. Apart from your budget and target audience, you also need to consider your business goals. If your goal is to generate leads for your business and you’re a B2B brand, business centric platforms make more sense. Similarly, for a B2C brand or business, Facebook or Instagram or Twitter may prove to be far more useful than LinkedIn, for example. Understanding the habits and social media use patterns of most of your target audience will help you get your basic platforms right.

Paid Search

The benefits of paid search advertising are numerous. When we talk about paid search advertising, we generally refer to PPC ads or pay per click advertising on search engines. Think of it as an auction for specific search terms in geographic areas that any business can participate in.

Paid search is highly effective for capturing high-intent consumers and driving conversions: 41% of those searching for a specific term will click on an ad when presented with these results. It is the best way to capture relevant search traffic if your budget allows. And it is much more efficient for small businesses than larger companies. With paid search, small companies can compete with larger ones and level the playing field.

Google Ads and Bing Ads are the most utilised platforms for paid search advertising.

Paid Social

Social media is where the magic happens these days. People use it to connect, share, have fun, network, stay informed, job hunt, shop and influence. So putting your business on a social media channel that is popular with your target audience is a no-brainer.

Some of the best platforms for paid traffic are Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube: alone give small and medium businesses quality traffic from people who are interested in their offers. And despite younger generations flocking to Instagram and Twitter – Facebook remains the go-to digital marketing channel for serious lead generation and conversion results. According to Business Insider, Facebook and Google alone drive 80% of referral traffic, more than all the other platforms combined. But with Facebook, you can spend as little as you want and still expand your reach more than with any other platform.

Can other channels add value to my business?

In addition to paid search and paid social, there are other options for expanding your digital footprint. Purchasing programmatic video, display, native, digital audio or using video ads is an effective way to get your audience to engage with your brand. The YouTube advertising platform, for example, helps you to target your audience on the basis of their location, demographics, interests, and devices.

Another cost-effective way to reach and engage with customers is using direct mail marketing or even the old-fashioned mail drop method. Mail dropping can be a useful way for promoting a start-up, reaching a large audience cost-effectively or expanding into new markets.

A Final Word

It’s imperative for companies today to build scalable traffic campaigns that produce new, qualified customers from scratch if they want to succeed. And choosing the best digital marketing channel for your advertising campaign is an important part of that.

More and more small businesses are waking up to the benefits of digital marketing and using it to promote their business. However, this is far from being the norm yet. 50% of small businesses aren’t using social media to promote their business and an additional 25% don’t plan to use social media in the future. It’s pretty alarming to see so many brands missing out on the advantage of digital marketing.

It’s no secret that to stay competitive in this day and age you must embrace change. That means using the marketing strategies that your target audience expects. To succeed though, you need the expertise and experience of a trusted agency like Aztek Marketing. We can help you propel your brand to the next level. We will work with you to discover your company’s specific goals, then determine the right balance of the right digital marketing tools according to your needs and budget. Schedule a free consultation call today.

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