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Shining a Naked Light on Solar Energy

Naked Solar is on a mission. As the south west’s leading solar energy company, it wants to raise awareness of the benefits for everyone in changing to renewable sources of power.

Which is why the central company ethos, instilled in the whole team from sales to installer, is to tell the unvarnished truth – even if at times it might mean losing a sale.

MD, Tony Sampson, explains: “Because we’re not tied to any particular manufacturer, and constantly look at the whole market for new products, we can give customers 100% impartial advice and the widest possible choice. All our design is in house rather than using suppliers to do the design for us as they’re limited to the products they sell. Which sounds great, however choice can be overwhelming without accurate information.

“This is where we come in. Everyone’s different, so pushing a packaged set up every time makes no sense at all. It’s not good for the customer, and it’s not good for the reputation of the solar industry. Some people want the quickest payback on their investment through reduced bills, some people want to get as close to independence from the utility companies as possible by generating the maximum amount of energy from their panels and batteries. And some are working with a tight budget which they just can’t go over. So, our job is to guide them through the maze of choice helping them discover the solar system that suits their needs and expectations

“Using a nifty bit of software called PV Sol, we walk customers through their various options, based on their usage, their aims, the position of their property and many other factors. PV Sol takes all this into account then gives people accurate forecasts on energy generation and bill savings. This way customers can clearly compare different systems and evaluate the pros and cons of different panels and batteries against the quoted price.”

In light of the solar mis-selling scandal that hit the headlines in September, it’s a refreshing approach. And it’s one that’s winning Naked Solar multiple awards, including the UK’s top solar PV installer recently, and helping it to grow its business across the south west. Naked recently opened a new base in Exeter and is following up with another one in Bristol at the end of this year.

Unusually for a solar panel company, it takes pride in being able to offer any type of installation, anywhere, across both the domestic and commercial sector, using its own workforce to ensure their exacting standards are met every time. Recent jobs include a sedum roof panel array at an award-winning self-build in Polzeath (featured in Build It Magazine) and a triple installation at Carley’s Organic Foods in Chacewater.

It also practices what it preaches. Its office is powered by two solar arrays and the team use four company EVs on client visits. More than half the workforce already have solar installed, and, at their Newquay home, Tony and Shelley Sampson have now achieved 96% energy independence using a SunPower array linked to a Tesla Powerwall battery. They all believe passionately in what it ithey’re doing, because they feels it’s a win-win for everybody. It makes for good business, it saves customers money and it’s helping the Earth become a cleaner, better place for future generations.

Here are a couple of case studies from Naked Solar, both domestic and commercial:



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