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Plastic is in all of our lives, everybody can do something. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, everybody can do something.

As an individual, carry around a re-usable water bottle or coffee cup or perhaps join a beach clean. Beach Cleaning is often undervalued as a cosmetic exercise, to just ‘make a place look nicer’. However, we at Beach Guardian have seen, first hand, the difference just one hour on the beach picking up the plastics can make. Not only on the welfare of the environment, but has also been shown to equally improve your own mental health and well-being, combat social isolation, unite communities and reconnect people with nature.

As a business, all the same things apply of course, but there are many other things that all organisations can do to join the movement against plastic pollution. Again, this has benefits that include preserving the natural world; improving mental health, wellbeing and productivity of members of staff whilst also contributing towards Corporate Social Responsibilities.

So if you would like any advice on how Beach Guardian can help you or your organisation join the movement against plastic pollution, please email: emily@beachguardian.co.uk.