Business name: Glas Data

Office location: Penryn

Year business was founded: 2017

Number of employees: 8

Business Cornwall: How is the business best described?

Glas Data: We’re a data aggregation company giving farmers a helping hand; our intuitive ecosystem breaks the barriers between farmers and their data.

BC: Why was the business founded?

GD: Precision farming has become essential, so the agricultural industry can feed the world’s rapidly growing population, which is predicted to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. The rise of precision farming has dramatically increased the amount of data available and places enormous pressure on farmers as they try to manage it. Our ecosystem eases this load substantially with great automation, because it unifies the myriad of fragmented agri-data sources into one place. We’ve created an intelligent piece of tech that’s user focused and friendly. It’s easy to use and helps our customers achieve their goals and objectives.

BC: How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

GD: Our ecosystem doesn’t restrict users. It’s dynamic and adapts to their needs no matter what, so you can say it’s fully customisable.

BC: What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

GD: Short-term we want to develop our product nationally, so the country’s farming businesses and food supply chain can benefit from dynamic data aggregation. The agri-data market has exploded. It’s hugely beneficial for the industry, but all this data is fragmented and difficult to correlate. For long-term plans we’re looking to expand internationally and become the world’s go-to ecosystem for unifying agricultural data.

BC: How does the business define success?

GD: To us, success is supporting our customers in years to come. The agricultural sector has variable needs that are highly complex and it’s something we need to adapt to when advances are made.

If you’re interested in our vision please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to hear from you! Contact us via email