A popular mainstay of Cornwall Business Week, Finance in Cornwall returns to the Newquay Lighthouse Cinema on June 25. PKF Francis Clark corporate finance, Richard Wadman, gives us six reasons why it is an event “not to be missed”.

  1. Finance in Cornwall covers the full range of funding options for businesses

Presentations will cover debt; equity and grants. It will feature presentations from the banking sector, alternative finance providers (including platforms accessing the ‘crowd’) and even the London Stock Exchange. It covers both regional and national funding providers. Each presentation is 10 to 15 minutes long; allowing the attendee to get a flavour of the full range of options – for current and/or future interest.

  1. Finance in Cornwall covers business support providers

Either presenting or otherwise participating in this year’s event are a range of business support organisations operational in the county: EU-funded and non-EU funded.

  1. The presentations are delivered from the ‘horse’s mouth’

Colleagues at PKF Francis Clark could present about most of the funding streams covered at the event but that is not what this event is about. We have chosen those engaged with organisations (funders and/or business support agencies) to present. The main reasons for this are to enable you, the business leader, to hear from the ‘horses’ mouth’ and to facilitate direct engagement between you and that organisation – there is time set aside for you to ask questions and/or set up a meeting to discuss matters specific to you.

  1. The content will be topical

Presentations will include a mention of ‘bank referral scheme’; ‘open banking’ and ‘AI’ – as well as introducing you/reminding you of a number of funders that are prominent in the (financial) news due to their increasing prominence in terms of being a source of funding for SMEs.

  1. Finance in Cornwall has a section on “why Cornwall is a great place to do business”

Cornwall is about more than just Poldark…whilst I do not know the full details yet of the session hosted by Cornwall Trade & Investment, I do know that it is cantered around a panel discussion featuring businesses that have located to Cornwall; with them outlining what factors influenced their decision. I would anticipate the technology infrastructure; business support and access to funding will get more references than Cornwall’s most famous (fictional) heartthrob – but I may be wrong!

  1. Finance in Cornwall is a “stand out event”

I confess to failing to conceal a grin when the above phrase was used by a business leader recently to describe Finance in Cornwall. Particularly as I was aware that the same phrase had been used to describe the event previously.

For more details of Finance in Cornwall 2019 and to book a place, click here.