QStore Business Centre



QStore Business Centre

QStore Business Centre provides all the business services and products you’ll require to carry out your business in an efficient, fast and flexible manner, no matter where you are.  We provide you with all you need to work in our complete serviced offices. By choosing how much office space you require for as long as you need it and only pay for what you need.

We also provide all our other facilities including meeting rooms and video communications – so you have all you’ll ever need for one price and no up-front costs.  Choice of flexible, short or longer term leases, one bill every month – meaning no insurance, maintenance or utility charges.  We provide you with support for IT, telecoms and free Wi-Fi, furnished offices with printers, scanners and photocopiers, support staff should you require them and 24hr access.

Choose from an open plan, private, or mixed office solution. Pick from short term, to full time, we can provide you with a permanent office, an office for your mobile sales team, a call centre and more. In fact, our serviced offices can be what you want them to be.  All, of course, for less than the price of a fixed office. Fully equipped flexible office space for you and your business on a 24/7 basis

  • Meeting rooms, board rooms and training rooms there to fulfil your needs
  • Video Communications
  • Business Lounge available upon a drop-in
  • IT, telecoms and Free Wi-Fi
  • Opportunities to Network
  • Hot Desk – come in sit down and work on a Pay as you Go basis in our fully equipped offices.
  • Hot Start – Business Address, telephone answering and a fully flexible office – fantastic for emerging businesses
  • QDataShred – From the highly sensitive, like old banking and financial records, to the innocuous and unnecessary, memos, printed emails and messages, secure shredding can be the best, quickest and most environmentally friendly way of destroying old data.

www.qselfstorage.com www.qdatashred.co.uk – 01752 841900.