Introducing… Co-cars Ltd


Business name: Co-cars Ltd

Office location: Based in Exeter & Falmouth

When was the business founded: 2005

How many employees: 10+ FTE (opens in a new window)

Business Cornwall: How is the business best described?

Co-cars works with businesses across the South West to provide smart, zero/low emission mobility-on-demand solutions for a fraction of the cost of owning or leasing. Customers can benefit from big savings on business travel, pool cars and parking spaces.

Business Cornwall: Why was the business founded?

Current transport habits are expensive, polluting and create congestion yet many private and company cars are used as little as 3% of the time.

We believe there is a better way: on-demand sustainable mobility for all. This not only significantly reduces the cost of travel for businesses and households but also helps to reduce congestion and pollution.

Business Cornwall: How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

With us – unlike a private, pool or hire car – you only pay for what you use i.e. an hourly rate plus mileage, nothing else. We cover every other cost including fuel.

Our fleet consists of on-street electric and hybrid cars and electric bikes, all bookable 24/7 using smartphone technology and available to hire by the hour or day. Hire costs are from £3.75/ hour (cars) and £1/half-hour (bikes).

We consistently score highly on our customer service with a dedicated team always on hand to help.

Business Cornwall: What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

We are already in town centres and outside GWR train stations in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire, as well as a network of bike hubs across Exeter.

In the short-term, we want to grow our Cornish network. Currently, we have cars in both Truro and Falmouth and we want to deliver electric cars and bikes to new on-street, business and housing development locations.

Longer-term, we aim to deliver App driven on-demand zero emission mobility as service across Cornwall integrating with other forms of transport such as bus and train networks in cities and towns.

Business Cornwall: How does the business define success?

By getting the South West to join the electric revolution! Adoption of our network of bikes and cars by businesses and households really is a win-win scenario: our customers save the expense and hassle of vehicle ownership whilst also contributing to a less congested and polluted environment. What’s not to like?

Join the electric revolution 0345 345 2544  @Cocars  @CoBikesElectric

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