Businesses in Cornwall are relying on a strong digital infrastructure like never before. Companies are embracing digital as a way to improve efficiency, automate standard processes and overcome the skills gap.

But with this increased dependence comes new security threats such as malware and ransomware. Seizing the opportunities and mitigating the risks calls for fresh thinking and there are exciting opportunities to work smarter.

New phone systems let you track what’s going on inside your business and pinpoint service improvements. Data from your guest wifi network lets you spot patterns and trends and even make special offers to your visitors on the fly.

That behavioural data is invaluable – and a business asset of growing importance, which is why many organisations are stepping up their security and protection. Forthcoming changes in legislation will mean heavy fines if your customer data is breached.

ITEC is perfectly positioned to partner businesses in all manner of digital requirements. From business continuity and disaster recovery plans that guarantees an uninterrupted service for your organisation 24 hours a day, through to delivering high performance, scalable, secure and reliable connectivity solutions that are the right fit for your organisation.

Kevin Roberts, who runs ITEC Cornwall, was born in the county and has worked in Cornwall all his life.

“Organisations in Cornwall are keen to deal with a locally-based partner who understands what’s going on,” he says. “They want access to the latest tech innovation but combined with responsive, locally based service. That’s the ITEC approach in a nutshell.”

That explains why Kevin’s business philosophy puts a premium on the value of integrity and long-term partnerships. ITEC is a fast-growing company with more than 200 people and nine offices nationwide, but the ITEC office in Redruth provides a responsive high-touch service to businesses in Cornwall.

“Customer service is critical to our success in Cornwall where our customers include Coodes Solicitors, Cornwall Air Ambulance, Maen Karne and Smile Together,” he says.

Another ITEC client embracing the digital revolution in Cornwall is Bottreaux Surgery in Boscastle and Tintagel.

Handling patient calls effectively is a challenge for many GP practices – few things in life, it seems, cause as many grumbles and complaints as not being able to get through to the surgery.

Working with ITEC, Bottreaux Surgery has recently put in place a modern digital phone system in a successful effort to meet and even exceed the expectations of its patients.

A particularly striking feature is the system’s analytic power, which has already generated insights. The surgery has discovered, for example, that most calls seeking the dispensary arrive at the time when the dispensary is closed for lunch – leading to a reconsideration of optimum opening times.

The surgery’s business manager, Matthew Gibbons, explains: “We have limited resources but even so we have been able to improve the quality of our patient service, improving the speed and efficiency with which we handle patient calls. It has also unburdened our 18 admin, clinical and reception staff and freed them up to do their jobs even more effectively than before.

ITEC and the Cornish Pirates

ITEC has become the official technology sponsor to the Cornish Pirates rugby club.

As part of the investment, it is also sponsoring the hospitality marquee at the Pirates’ Mennaye Field ground in Penzance.

“ITEC is the leading IT and office technology provider across the south west and Cornwall is a super-important market for us. That’s why our team in Redruth and the whole company are thrilled to be associated with the Pirates and to be their official technology supplier,” says ITEC CEO, Nick Orme.

“We also know the Pirates is a very smart business. It’s well-run operation and has ambitious but achievable expansion plans in place. These include the S4C Stadium for Cornwall project.

“These days, sport is big business, and what happens off the pitch is vitally important. Behind the scenes infrastructure enhances the prospects of success.

Our partnerships with Bristol Sport and Plymouth Argyle have given us insight into the off-field challenges and opportunities.

“That’s why we’re determined to help the Pirates take maximum advantage of innovations in technology. In that way, we hope to contribute to sustained success on the field of play.”


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